Audio Mastering

What is audio mastering?

Audio mastering is the process of improving a good recording so that it sounds betterĀ on reference equipment and works well across multiple devices, like car speakers, headphones, home speakers and on radio or streaming audio services.

What formats does discLab accept for audio mastering?


We accept media in physical form, digital as in CDs, DATs, external hard drives, flash drives, SSDs and through our Dropbox account. Analogue media can be 1/4″ two-track or four-track tape, stereo, cassette tapes, stereo only.


Either a la carte or with our packages, there are options that can work for you.

Digital Mastering

  • Mastering, per hour of studio time, $235 (Includes use, at the engineer’s discretion, of all available inboard and outboard mastering gear.)
  • CD-R reference disc with track list, $75
  • CD-R master, 100% quality-controlled and P-Q code sheet, 2 copies, $175

Mastering for Vinyl Record Pressing
This is the cost for transferring digital audio as mastered above, or from your finished digital master, to lacquer master.

  • 12″ or 10″ lacquer master, per side, $275, to 22 minutes.
  • 7″ lacquer master, per side, $150, to 5 minutes
  • 1/4″ tape set-up, $150 per session
  • RDAT / DAT set-up, $75 per session
  • For more vinyl mastering services, see the vinyl mastering section.


Utility Services
Don’t let your audio disappear! Safety transfers are essential to the preservation of audio programs.

  • DAT flat transfer to audio CD-R – no spacing or sweetening, $175, up to 72 minutes.
  • Analoque flat transfer to audio CD-R, 1/4″, 7.5, 15 or 30 ips, $235 per reel.



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